ALMA G4 mini

Remote Methane Detection
for Fixed-Wing Aircraft
ALMA G4 mini — is the solution for aerial pipeline inspections and offers a vital contribution to safety of transmission pipelines.

Our product is based on the latest generation of laser spectroscopy and utilizes the most advanced technology, experienced pilots and operators for a dependable pipeline inspection.

The principle of ALMA is based on a pulsed beam from a diode laser, which is pointed at the location to be inspected. The laser wavelength of 1,65 μm corresponds to the first absorption band of methane.
Airborne device mounted on a fixed wing

Full automation

Detects faster than conventional method
(detection speed: 0.1 sec)

Methane-only sensitivity. No false alarm

User-friendly software

Automatic and continuously performs
self-check to ensure ability to detect gas

Pilot camera and monitor to aim laser

Each leak detection is reported with time, gas concentration, GPS/GLONASS coordinates, and HD image.
ALMA G4 mini — Optical unit
Installation on DA-42 aircraft
Installation on DA-42 aircraft
Installation on Maule aircraft
Installation on Maule aircraft
Pergam ALMA Software
Principle of Remote Gas Detection

ALMA G4 mini is based on the utilization of laser absorption spectrophoto-meter of methane gas for gas mesurement.

The system detects natural gas leaks by emitting a laser at a particular wavelength and analyzing the light reflection from an object to determine how much was absorbed by the methane in the natural gas.

The measured gas volume is expressed by methane column density (ppm × m): methane density (ppm) multiplied by length (m).
Pergam Group
Pergam, a multi-national corporation, is a pioneer in laser-based remote gas leak detection — with a wide range of nondestructive testing methods (NDT). Pergam provides cutting-edge inspection service to the natural gas industry with its unique and patented ALMA and SELMA systems. Located near Seattle, WA, our US office is dedicated to the needs of the North American market. Headquartered in Switzerland, our parent company provides gas leak detection services world-wide.
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