Solution for Distribution Pipelines
The PERGAM Group of companies in cooperation with SPH Engineering has now introduced the second generation of unmanned methane (CH4) leak detection on a DJI Matrice 600 drone. Designed for a variety of applications, this new system is perfect for leak detection for distribution systems, storage and underground facilities, landfill areas and gas processing plants.

This second generation platform provides for real-time transmission of methane data at the surveyor's fingertips and is visible on a control panel.

It is now possible to react in real-time to methane indications during flight. You can now pinpoint locations for the purpose of eliminating costly and dangerous leaks.
Survey rate
Up to 328 ft / 100 m2 per 5 minutes

On-line (in-flight) data transmission
through the standard DJI communication line

1 ppm×m to 50.000 ppm×m

Transmission range
Up to 3 mi / 5 km

3D terrain relief mapping
for ease of flight preparation

Remote control capability

and easily deployable
Pergam Group
Pergam, a multi-national corporation, is a pioneer in laser-based remote gas leak detection — with a wide range of nondestructive testing methods (NDT). Pergam provides cutting-edge inspection service to the natural gas industry with its unique and patented ALMA and SELMA systems. Located near Seattle, WA, our US office is dedicated to the needs of the North American market. Headquartered in Switzerland, our parent company provides gas leak detection services world-wide.
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